Alcohol treatment centers were designed for people with an alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction happens when a person has a compulsive need for alcohol no mater what type like hard liquor, wine or beer. You can tell that alcoholism is evident when a person has a craving for liquor and they can’t stop themselves from drinking. You can also tell if you or someone else is addicted by the symptoms of withdrawals like sweating, nausea, or anxiety.

Most alcoholics feel like they need to drink in order to get the high that alcohol brings. This helps them forget the pain or hurt that they feel on a regular basis and calms their anxiety. Most alcoholics find reasons to drink because they don’t want to admit that they are drinking to numb what they are thinking or feeling. For example some people will be watching football and say ‘you have to have a beer if you are going to watch football’. Another example is when they come home from a hard days work and need it to relax because they worked hard that day and deserve it.

Many people need help to stop drinking and that’s why there are alcohol treatment centers. Alcohol treatment centers are there to offer programs that help beat alcoholism. There are several programs that are offered as well as inpatient and outpatient programs. Each program is designed to help the addict beat their addiction to alcohol. When the addict finally decides to go into a program there will be an evaluation process that will help figure out their individual needs.

Many alcohol treatment centers in Houston, Texas use the 12-step program which is a very successful tool to help people beat their alcohol addiction. The 12-steps have 12 guided principals that aids a person into getting sober. When that is combined with other types of alcohol treatment it makes the chances of sobriety greater.

At most alcohol treatment centers there is a residential program that is where the person with the addiction will live at the treatment center. They can be there for as little as one month to as long as three months and it is rather intensive. This can be better for some people because they are forced to live at the center and they aren’t able to get any alcohol. There are also sober living programs where the addict can live in a group home with others that are going through the same things and that helps build a support system. The sober living is usually best for people who were inpatient and need a transitional period before they get out on their own.

Another treatment that can take place in the alcohol treatment centers as well as hospitals is the detoxification process. This usually takes anywhere from seven to ten days. During that time the alcohol is eliminated from the body and it will cause withdrawals but it will be supervised and it will be easier then trying to detox at home.

Another program that most alcohol treatment centers provide is the outpatient program. This is where the addict will come to treatment during specific times but they will go home after the treatment is over for the day. Most treatment in outpatient therapy is counseling. Which can either be one-on-one, group or family sessions. Counseling sessions will be offered at many times and this is where the addict can get at the root of their problem which helps make it easier to get sober.

Other types of treatment is holistic therapy, duel-diagnosis therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Holistic therapy helps deal with the whole person which is the mind, body and spirit. Duel-diagnosis deals with other issues/disorders that the addict might have. This may include but not limited to depression, anxiety, or trauma. Cognitive behavior therapy helps show people how to cope with their decisions of why they drink.

Alcohol treatment centers can be a big help to people who are addicted to alcohol. The success rate for using them instead of doing it alone is very significant. Most centers are inpatient and if a person is at the facility then they are not alone and have a bigger support system. Before they choose a center they should speak to someone there like a counselor or social worker that can help figure out which program would be right for them.


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